Tornado Density Map (1950-2017)

The above map shows the tornado density in the United States from 1950 to 2017. It is helpful for meteorologists and those who predict the weather. In the midwest region, there were more tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Arkansas. Especially comparatively to the pacific coast and the rest of the northeast, where the tornado density is almost none at all.

NJ School Locations in Comparison to Hospitals

Unfortunately, the scale bar was unavailable for this image. But, this graphic shows every New Jersey public, private, and charter in comparison to the location of the nearest hospitals. Each school is surrounded by the 5-mile radius. It turns out, that almost every single school in New Jersey is within 5 miles of a hospital. Which is surprising because I’d hypothesize that a school has to be within 5 miles of a hospital due to emergency.